Information Security & Risk Management Services

Information and cyber security continues to be a major concern today as more and more companies move IT and Business Operations to the Cloud.


Creative Security Design Concepts provides executive level security consulting services to deliver a broad range of security services typically found under the responsibilities of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Senior Security Architect (SA).


The CISO role is an executive function that requires multiple skillsets (business acumen, security, technology, skilled negotiator, problem solver, diplomat and process expertise). The right CISO can be the key to successfully executing strategic security and risk programs that add value to the company and in most cases, ensure compliance to the numerous regulatory obligations.


The Security Architect role is a senior security engineer and development function that requires expertise in the areas of networking, IT Security, application security, program development, data security and data flow. The Security Architect is a unique subject matter expert that works with both the CISO and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the design, development and implementation of the security layer within IT.

Finding the right CISO or SA (and retaining them) can be a challenge. Create Security Design Concepts aims to be your trusted Security Consulting Service and Advisor for all things Security and Risk related.


With Creative Security Design’s extensive experience and executive advice, we have established processes and method to provide leadership and guidance to your organization precisely when you need it.


Our website is designed to be "informational". You will find detailed education on Information Security, Enterprise Risk Management, The world of a CISO as well as all things Cyber Security.


We also incorporated an "Ask a Security Geek" page where we can answer any question about Information Security. This is open to all!