Who we Are

Creative Security Designs (CSD) is a small security consulting consortium made up of Security, IT Executive Management & IT Operational Professionals. Our primary goal is to be that go-to agency in all things related to Information & cyber security.


We have an organizational charter where collectively we agree to the following:

  1. Bring quantitively professionalism to our clients and in the Information Security Industry
  2. Bring qualitied security expertise in the world of information security and strive to improve the impact of said expertise to future threats
  3. Train and mentor the future generation of Security professionals.

CSD has a combined 50+ years of experience in IT Operations, Information & Cyber Security, Business Operations, Business Development, IT Audit and Regulatory Compliance Management.


There is a lot of competition in the world of Information Security. While you have professionals with college degrees and certifications, this doesn’t necessarily make any individual a Security Professional.


This is what separate’s CSD from the competition. CSD is made up of “hardened battlefield professionals”. Most of us have been in the IT Security world since the inception of the Internet. Starting in Operations (designing building and operating some of the earliest e-Commerce, Banking and retail infrastructures) to creating one of the world’s very first Managed Security Services consulting firms.


CSD has designed and implemented security methodologies across a full spectrum of Industries. From Managed Firewalls and Managed Log Management to Managed Security – Platform as a Service. Many of the methodologies have now been adopted into industry standards.