CISO OnDemand Services

A CISO/CRO OnDemand (also known as a Virtual CISO and/or Risk Officer) is experienced, multi-faceted professional who serves as the part-time Chief Information Security & Risk Officer (CISO/CRO) of a small or medium-sized business. A Chief Information Security Officer is a senior-level team member that is responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise’s security vision, strategy, and programs to ensure information assets and technologies are appropriately protected.


The key business benefit the CISO/CRO OnDemand Program is that we provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time CISO without the associated level of overhead and benefits required when adding another top level executive. Often you can derive a large portion of the benefit: security prioritization, risk evaluation, threat assessment, security training and security procedures without staffing the role full-time. If your organization utilizes the rest of the organization to implement aspects of your security plan you can save the cost of an executive hire with our CISO/CRO OnDemad Program.


Most small/mid-sized organizations that do not have the ability to hire a full time CISO. However, still have the same security and regulatory concerns of any large enterprise. Further, these small/mid-sized organizations still require the expertise to “communicate” corporate risk at an executive level on security objectives. This is especially true if there are regulatory compliance or audit requirements.


The CISO/CRO OnDemand service supports corporate boards, executives, VC’s who need an experienced strategic resource.